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Lighthouse Beach Moonrise

Menemsha Charter Dock

Menemsha Pond Clouds

Quitsa Boathouse Sunset

South Beach Morning

Sengekontacket Pond Sunset

Squibnocket Beach Rain

Allen Farm Morning

Spring Point sunset

Katama Cows

Aquinnah Sunset

Allen Farm Sheep

Menemsha Marsh

Dawn Menemsha Shack

Eastville Beach Sunset

Menemsha Beach Dawn

Music Street Barn

Chilmark Tree

Menemsha Red Shack

Edgartown Moonrise

Cove Road Dinghy

Menemsha Shore

Moshup Beach Morning

Squibnocket Sunset

Quitsa Red Boat

Parsonage Pond

Sengy Sunset

Galley Sunset

July Sails

Menemsha beach Shadows

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September and October are my favorite months for Plein Air painting. The changing season transforms greens to reds and summers' cool light to much warmer colors. The crowds have departed by the end of Labor Day, allowing for more peace and parking.

After many years in my studio painting monotypes I find painting outside to be a very dramatic change. The challenges of changing light and all of nature to decipher is at once daunting and intoxicating. I am fascinated by how different 'real' light is as opposed to what the camera sees. It is endlessly engaging to try to define what the color of light is as it changes from moment to moment, right before your eyes. Whith my paint and brushes, I am always chasing the spinning world and it's unending  unfolding. Nothing is more exhilirating!

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