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Philbin Rugosa

Moshup Rugosa

Cove Road Boat

Summer Shore

Fuller Street Light

Allen Farm Evening

Sengekentacket Shore Side Monotype

Lobsterville Path

Trapps Pond

Chilmark Water Lillies Monotype

Chappy Afternoon on Road

Morning Storm Surf

Why Monotype?

This wonderful question has followed me throughout my career. It is usually asked after I have given, what always sounds like, a very technical answer to the question “what is a monotype”. I now realize that the ‘why’ and the ‘what’ are answered by this one truth. I love to paint with oil paint and brushes, and it doesn’t really matter onto what I paint. The joy is the same.

Many years ago, I saw a monotype demonstration. My teacher did a painting with oils and a brush onto a plexiglass plate. She then placed a piece of paper right on top of it and squeezed it through the rollers of a printing press. When the plate and paper came out the other side she pulled the paper away from the plate and so revealed the printed (transferred) image, the only image that could ever be fully true to the original painted plate. It was, to my thinking, instant art! My heart did a summersault and I have loved this process ever since.

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