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Oil Paintings

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Light House Beach Breeze

Afternoon Graze

Calm Ride To The Race

Shields To The Race

Regatta Day

High Dune Path

Light House Beach Sunset

Menemsha Beach Afternoon

Calm Start Race Day

Cow Bay June Storm

Causeway June Sail

Cearing Sky Edgartown

Magic Carpet Chappy Sail

Edgartown August Light

Menemsha September Sunset

Sengenkentacket August Sunset

Philbin Evening Path

Lambert's Cove June Surf

Aquinnah Shore Shadows

Philbin Shore

Aquinnah Shore Reflections

Sail to mooring

Harbor Breeze

Polly Hill Meadow

Moshup Dune View

June Morning Light

Off To The Race

Moshup Beach Surf

Menemsha Harbor

Squibnocket Moonrise

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The joy of painting

While each of us has insight about ‘perfection’ (which is really only the deeper truth of what we all know), not all of us choose a path of least resistance to it. But all of us can spot the people that do. They are the people who achieve excellence because of the great joy that creating gives them. Through their work, we can know what they know, and share their joy.

Landscape painters have it easy, we get to stare at nature all day.  

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